Simple precautions to avoid swine flu infection

Is lack of awareness about swine flu responsible for creating panic and rumors about the infection that is known for low mortality rate? If health experts in the region are to be believed, there is no need to panic, as simple precautionary and preventive measures are enough to keep swine flu virus away.

People need to understand that swine flu could be avoided with simple preventive measures and there is no need to panic at all.

While personal hygiene is the key to control the infection, isolation of patients and avoiding close contact with people having respiratory illness is also important. It is better to avoid crowded places.

There is little to differentiate between common flu and swine flu, so one needs to be vigilant if there are flu-like symptoms.

Experts believe that getting plenty of sleep (at least eight hours a day), drinking plenty of water and managing the stress lessens the chances of swine flu.

Courtesy: Yahoo News

The identified hospitals for treatment of persons suspected with the H1N1 Flu in Hyderabad are:
1. AP Government and Chest Hospital, Erragadda (Phone – 23814421/22)
2. Kondapur Area Hospital, Kondapur
3. Vanastalipuram Area Hospital
4. King Koti General Hospital (Phone – 24756085/24753474)

Other important contacts:
The Outbreak Monitoring Cell, Ministry of Health and Family, Government of India – 011-23921401

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  1. DNKS

    H1N1 or Swine Flu is a bit scary but it a good thing to note that this virus is not that very deadly.

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  2. Acne Treatments Site

    the H1N1 or Swine Flu Virus is very scary at first but now it is well controlled by vaccines and prevention by avoiding going into places with incidence of swine flu.

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