Abids-The Under Rated But Functional Shopping District

Already captured how I found my laptop bag in an earlier article.

What I noticed was that in Abids there were several options for bags. You want to buy shoes there is Bata, Hollywood, and Metro. You want to buy jewelery you have dozen options. You want to buy clothes you have several options. Sweaters you have Bulchand. Inside news is that Bulchand Abids is more reasonably priced than Bulchand Srinagar colony (fancy prices).

You need watches you have a half a dozen stores. A reasonably good pavement makes it easy to walk. Compared to that the pavements are almost non-existent or not usable in Ameerpet, Secunderabad. Yes, there are a few pavement shops but still you can walk without getting on the road.

I was planning a trip to Ameerpet or Secunderabad. I was looking for a watch strap and buy laptop bag. I started at 6 and was done by 7:30. I also got to buy a good watch and my wife bought a pressure cooker at Big Bazaar. I first got too much done, too quickly, and could not think what to do in evening. Not knowing what to do with a Saturday evening, I came back and watched a great movie at home “Red Beard” by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. A perfect Saturday evening. What a way to start a weekend!