A.P Revenue Collections for the First Half Fall Short of Targets

The effect of recession can be clearly seen in Andhra Pradesh. Even as the economy has shown the signs of recovery, revenue collections for the first half of the year fell short of targets. Except the excise department, the only one that had been shining, all the other departments failed to reach the targets. However, the officials are confident that can achieve the annual revenue target of Rs 43,578 crore. Check the A.P revenues for the first six months along with the past history below.

First half 2009-10


  • In the first half of this fiscal (2009-10), the government fell short of revenue collection by Rs 3,540 crore. Against a target of Rs 24,665 crore, it was able to collect only Rs 20,925 crore.
  • The Commercial Taxes department could collect Rs 1,930 crore against a target of Rs 2,400 crore.
  • Revenue department collected Rs 420 crore against Rs 650 crore.
  • Transport department collected Rs 225 crore against Rs 293 crore.
  • Stamps and Registration department was able to collect only Rs 192 crore against a target of Rs 260 crore.
  • Mining department collected Rs 164 crore against Rs 194 crore.
  • Excise department surpassed the target of Rs 882 crore and earned Rs 910 crore as liquor sale appeared unaffected by recession.

Past History


  • Transport department’s revenue target was Rs.134 crores for 2008-09, but could collect only Rs.117 crores.
  • The State revenue collections stood at Rs.69,685 crores in 2008-09 (RE) of which the State’s own revenue is Rs.44,138 crores. The revenue receipts under State’s own taxes during the year 2008-09 (RE) stood at Rs.35,739 crores as against Rs.28,794 crores in the previous year registering a growth rate of 24.12 %.
  • Excise Department, which earns revenue by way of excise Duty, license fee etc. realized revenue of Rs.5038 crores up to February 2009 recording a growth of 43.52% over corresponding period in the previous year.
  • The A.P State’s own Non-tax Revenue is estimated at Rs.8398 crores in R.E 2008-09, which includes the revenue from mines & minerals Rs.1917 crores and Debt Relief Rs.703 crores.


  • The government’s revenue receipts for 2007-08 amounted to Rs.54,142.55 crore, as against Rs.44,245.47 crore of the previous year.
  • 66 per cent was raised through State tax revenue (Rs.28,794.05 crore) and non-tax revenue (Rs.7,064.13 crore). The balance 34 per cent was received from the Centre as State share of divisible Union taxes (Rs.11,183.64 crore) and grants-in-aid (Rs.7,100.73 crore).