Benefits of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the system that is used to cool surroundings and in-house atmosphere in less time. Now a days, air conditioning systems are extensively used in offices and homes, because an air conditioner can provide many benefits in terms of comfort and relaxation to the people. Air conditioning system decreases the humidity in the air and maintains the quality of air. It usually consists of a condenser, evaporator, and a compressor component. They are available in various sizes and with various cooling capacities and prices. Some Air Conditioning systems are only used to dry air without cooling.

Scientists convey that, more than 80 percent of germs, fungal spores, and particles from outside air in cars is removed air conditioning systems, providing benefit for people with respiratory problems or allergies.

Advantages of air conditioning to working Equipment at office:
Air conditioning systems are particularly used in factories of food, ice cream, or beverages, as they are beneficial in providing ventilation and air purification. Air purification is essential in factories and stores, so that foods (processed) will not be contaminated or infected with germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can spoil it. In stores, air conditioners are also required to avoid dust from settling on displayed items. This minimizes cleaning tasks in stores. Some industries use air conditioners because it will help in maintaining good performance of equipments (computers). Air conditioners also help in protecting metal equipment from rust and damage.

Advantages of working in an air-conditioned environment:

  • Efficiency of employees’ increases: If the room temperatures are high, then a person gets tired soon and feels uncomfortable which causes irritation in mind and lack of concentration. As the AC creates comfortable conditions, the person feels peaceful and can work more. So, the working capacity of employees is increased and this is also found in research.
  • Health of employees improves: As the Air Conditioner circulates the filtered air inside the room of office, air inside room is free from dust and dirt particles, smoke, microorganisms, and bacteria etc. Therefore, healthy environment is created inside room and the employee can have better health.
  • Less noise is generated: As the windows of the air-conditioned rooms and offices are closed, the outside sound that enters the room is reduced. This helps employees from distraction of their work.

The quietness inside the rooms helps in inducing calm sleep at night and also helps in maintaining peace environment inside the hospitals and theaters.

  • Fresh air from outside can also be taken: Fresh air can be taken inside an air-conditioned room at any point of time by opening windows or door or by blower of the air-conditioner.

Advantages of air conditioning in home:

  • Provides comfortable sleep during summer and in hot nights.
  • Breathing problems of people can be reduced and can be relieved from problems like running noses and watery eyes. It provides benefits to people suffering from allergies and hay fever (allergic reaction to pollens).
  • It helps to prevent air pollution and provides health friendly environment in urban or densely populated areas.

Earlier, air-conditioner was recognized as an item of luxury, but now it has become the item of necessity. Without AC, it is becoming difficult for people to survive in summer (severe hot) season. Air-conditioning made windows less essential. From the time of invention, Air Conditioners have been a beneficial equipment till now. Now, it is used almost for all commercial, residential, and industrial purposes.

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