Swine Flu Scare Of 2009 Turning Into Medical Scam Of Century?

The swine flu pandemic which kept the death toll ticking in 2009 refuses to die down even this year. If reports are to be believed, it could turn into one of the biggest medical scam of the century. A leading medical expert from Europe has stated that the H1N1 swine flu scare of 2009 was falsely declared as ‘pandemic’ by World Health Organization (WHO) under pressure from big Pharma companies which helped the latter rake in enormous profits.

According to leading medical expert, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, head of the health at the Council of Europe, big pharmaceutical companies launched a campaign to create panic among people and promote their vaccines. This campaign was intended to pressurize WHO to declare swine flu as world wide pandemic which also provided these companies with a golden opportunity. According to Dr. Wolfgang, the swine flu was just a normal kind of flu but was blown out of proportion by WHO and declared as level-six pandemic. He also added that many of the members of WHO board of vaccines have close contacts with many leading big Pharma companies. Dr. Wolfgang also raised questions over the vaccines saying that they were developed quickly without properly testing their ingredients. He also said that vaccines have also been prepared with methods using cancerous cells.

However, a top WHO official Dr. Keiji Fukuda while replying the 2009 HINI pandemic inquiry at the Council of Europe on 26th January, 2010 quashed all the allegations saying that swine flu is a false pandemic. He also refuted all the reports that WHO conspired with Pharma companies to take this move for ulterior motives. Dr. Fukuda said that they took decisions as per the International Health Regulations and after updated pandemic criteria was met.

Dr. Fukuda, also further stated that more than 14,000 laboratory-confirmed deaths have been reported so far and that cases have been noted in nearly all the countries. Dr. Fukuda also said that WHO has various regulations and measures to keep away undue influences.

The vaccine manufacturer companies have also termed the allegations made by Dr. Wolfgang as baseless. The companies stated that the WHO declared the swine flu as pandemic after it met the latest set criteria.