Maruti 800 Will Not Be Available in Hyderabad From 1st April

Bharat Stage IV norms will come into existence in Hyderabad from April 1, 2010. This means the death of Maruti 800 on roads in Hyderabad.

The small car which changed the style of Indians driving and helped to position the Indian automobile market into the global big alliance will stop coming out of showrooms in main cities. It has been driven off the roads by rigid and strict emission laws which the standard people’s car is unable to abide by any more.

Actuated by a Suzuki collaboration and guided by Sanjay Gandhi’s political objectives, the Maruti 800 got out onto Indian roads 27 years ago. As the company having decided that it was not profitable in pushing a huge investment to boost the engine to fulfill the tough and stringent Bharat Stage IV norms which will become compulsory from April 1.

Maruti chairman R C Bhargava said that they were intending to upgrade the Maruti 800 to be in accordance with new emission norms, and had taken a decision to cut off selling the car in cities where new norms will be enforced from April 1.

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