Drug Peddlers And Drug Abusers Increasing in Hyderabad

Immigration officials arrested a suspicious person who was youngster as he was trying to travel to Malaysia with Rs 1.92 crore worth Katemine Hydrochloride they seized it from his baggage.

According to officials, Ibrahim Allabaksh, 22, of Chennai, was arrested by immigration cops while he was attempting to get into a Kuala Lumpur-bound flight. The officials grew suspicious when they observed that Ibrahim was from Chennai and attempting to board a flight from Hyderabad who was on a tourist visa.

The person was unable to provide proper reason for his traveling from Hyderabad. When officials examined his baggage, they identified 20 packets of milk powder and sachets of Katemine Hydrochloride worth Rs 1.92 crore were hidden inside the packets. He said that these packets were collected from an agent in Hyderabad.

Now a days, the incidents related to drug peddlers and use of drugs are increasing. There is a need to track the drug peddlers and abusers in city. Government and police should take proper action in order to abolish them and save the youth from getting addicted to drugs. (Source: The Times of India)