Haleem Tagged with GI status

Hyderabad generally associated with Biryani, Pearls, Charminar, will now also be associated with the world famous Haleem. Recently, the city has achieved a patent for the mouth watering delicacy ‘Haleem’. Similar to the lines of Tirupathi laddu, Darjeeling tea, Banares silk, now adds up Hyderabadi Haleem.

The credit goes to increased demand for Hyderabadi Haleem all over the world. Though there are many other places known to prepare Haleem, Hyderabadi Haleem has a specialty of its own.

The Haleem fever catches up in Hyderabad in the Ramzam season every year. Whether it is Sam, Sham or Saleem, everybody loves Haleem. No religion or region stands in the way of relishing this delicacy.

Chefs of Hyderabad are invited to other cities by the famous restaurants to serve Haleem to their customers. This shows the demand of this cupful of meat stew. This demand has made the post office and the courier companies to start delivering the canned Haleem throughout the world. Apart from tingling the taste buds of the customers, it is also providing employment for thousands of people.

The quality standards have also made Haleem to be tagged with Geographical Indication (GI) status. The ingredients such as meat, spices, ghee, pulses and the 12 hours of cooking process makes it a healthy dish. Thus the Ramzan’s nutritional food, Haleem, found every where in Hyderabad has got an official status.

Source: IBN Live