Traffic Police Use Social Network Accounts for Alerting Citizens

Hyderabad police are planning to use innovative approaches for enhancing the traffic enforcement. The police are using the networking sites in an effective manner by posting the photographs of the people who fail to follow the traffic rules. The violation grievances can also be conveyed using both the video and audio tools.

The information regarding the traffic jams, traffic restrictions, diversions, traffic rules and details of penalties for a variety of offenses can also be posted by police.

Police want to tweet the GenNext by hooking then up. GenNext consists of 30% of the road users and also contains 60% of the violators of the traffic. As the GenNext will spend most of the time online logging through various social networking sites, the police wanted them to engage in their own way by posting the photographs of the different violators of the traffic.

A special drive was held by Hyderabad traffic police against fancy registration number plates in between June 14 to July 6. Fines were imposed on 2,948 vehicle owners. There was a huge collection of fines of Rs 30 lakhs. Even though the fine amount appears to be huge, there is no increase in awareness levels with the drive. According to the rule 192(1) of the MV Act, the use of fancy numbers is an punishable offense and it is being followed very strictly by Hyderabad traffic police.

Social networking sites have been used by the law enforcement authorities in US for alerting the citizens. Delhi Traffic Police adopted it after seeing US, and it got a good response.

With time and location, the grievances and the photographs of the traffic violators are being posted in the facebook of the “Delhi Police Account” and nearly 1000 posts are on the wall everyday and it got a good response. Apart from the facebook account, the police is also using the twitter account “dtptraffic” to give the public information regarding the conditions of the traffic.

Hyderabad Police also got impressed by the response and they are trying to implement the similar plan. Only for this purpose, three home guards are necessary for operating the social networking accounts and even the senior officials will monitor the account. The police are working for implementing the logistics in the system and soon the DCP’s, ACP’s will respond to the posts by monitoring the network.

Source: Times Of India