Lancet: India Fails to Provide Adequate Health Care to Poor

World’s famous medical journal, Lancet criticized India for not providing adequate health care to its population, despite showing rapid economic progress. It has also pointed out the inequities that are being seen in the medical facilities provided to higher societies and general and poor people. It has seriously commented on Indian politicians for not fulfilling their responsibilities for the people. It has also suggested the government to set up “National Health Service” for 1.1 billion population by 2020.

Going in to details of the journal, the health crisis seen is mainly due to lack of educated health workers across the country. The figures disclosed by the Lancet journal, reveals that 1.8 million children aged under five die every year due to infectious diseases and mal nutrition. About 68,000 women were supposed to die during labour of after giving birth to the child. And more than 50 million children were found to have stunted growth. As a piece of advice, Lancet said that India should increase its spending on health care to 6% of its GDP from 1%.

Source: The Telegraph