Fraud in U.S. University leads to Deportation of Hundreds of AP Students

Tri – Valley University in Pleasanton, in suburbs of San Francisco, was shut down due to charges of immigration frauds, laundering of money and other crimes by US Federal officials. The university consists of 1,555 students of which 95% are Indian nationals (mostly from Andhra Pradesh). The Immigration and Custom Enforcement officials have conducted an investigation and found out that the students admitted for various residential and online courses who were supposed to be living in California, were found to be working ‘illegally’ in other parts of the country. The Immigration and Custom Enforcement called it as a Sham (fake) University.

Students who had legally obtained immigration status have to show a proof that they are truly intending for completion of course and are regularly and physically attending classes. The officials are also investigating students who have obtained student visas and work permits by paying hefty sums of money.

Many of the students who are being interrogated are planning to leave the country and the students who have taken admissions for the new semester for which classes were supposed to be started from 10 January, have canceled their admissions.

Source: The Hindu