All You Need to Consider While Purchasing a Two Wheeler: Features

Features to consider:

Before selecting a bike, consider the availability some basic and extra features, which may enhance your comfort and safety.

Kickcstart/Self start
In a city like Hyderabad, where there is heavy traffic and traffic signals, self-start in addition to kick start is very useful option. It may consume some power from your battery, but it is a worthy option.

Disc brakes
Disc brakes are mainly used on off-road bikes that need super stopping power. You need to have some practice to use the disc brakes effectively; otherwise it will be a nuisance. Nowadays disc brakes in the rear wheel are also available in the market. For riding in the city, drum brakes are sufficient.

Lighting is one of the important safety features of a bike. Always make sure that you purchase a bike with powerful lighting.

People often neglect safety while buying a two-wheeler. It is one of the very important factors to consider while buying a two-wheeler. Check safety aspects like braking, road holding, balance, powerful headlights, horns, bright blinkers, taillight and brake light.

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