Golconda and Charminar are Top Favorite Spots for Foreign Tourists

3 Aug 11: As per the data released by India’s Department of Culture, the number of foreign tourists visiting the city’s historic tourist spots, Golconda and Charminar has doubled in 2010-11.

Based on the data of sale of centralized tickets at each monuments collected from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Golconda fort is the most preferred tourist destination by foreigners. The number of foreign tourists visiting Golconda fort has increased to 19,542 in 2010-11 from 675 in 2009-10. The number of foreign tourists visiting Charminar was 13,139 in 2010-11, as against 5,552 in 2009-10.

Both the monuments have also seen a rise in the domestic tourist visits, with 32.74 lakh tourists visiting them this year, against 12.61 lakh in 2009-10.

Source: Times of India