Even Deep Sediments of Hussainsagar Lake are Polluted

6 Sep 11: Researchers have found that even the deep sediments of Hussainsagar Lake are polluted. Though the surface water contains Calcium, Iron, Molybdenum, Magnesium and Silicon in high amounts than what is suggested by the BIS and Indian Council of Medical Research, the bed of the lake does not stand behind. Further, the levels of pollution on the surface and in the depths of lake is said to be almost doubled after the Ganesh immersion.

About 300 tonnes of iron along with 20,000 tonnes of Plaster-of-Paris and colored chemicals pollute the lake at the time of Ganesh idol immersion every year. As per the chemical analysis conducted by the researchers, the pH content which is the main determiner of the quality of the lake and the content of other important mineral components before and after immersion are as follows:

  • pH was 7.40 before immersion and has increased to 8.35 after immersion
  • The electrical conductivity has doubled from 2.535 before immersion to 4.750 after immersion
  • Concentration of Chlorides has increased from 25.50 mg per liter to 73.15 mg/l
  • Content of Lead increased from 0.376 mg/l to 0.575 mg/l
  • The concentration of Manganese increased from 18.50 mg/l to 24.56 mg/l
  • The content of concentration increased from 5.23 mg/l to 18.56

The above results indicate that the historic lake of the city is under severe threat and there is urgent need to take immediate action by the concerned officials and to also create awareness among the public about the possible pollution threats to the lake to improve the quality of the lake.

Source: Deccan Chronicle