ORR Turning Into Killing Field for City’s Speed Loving Rich Brats

Unorganized bike racing is becoming common among the city’s rich youth. Areas such as Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, Gachibowli and now the latest ORR stretch, Bombay and Bangalore highways are becoming very unpopular for crazy events like bike racing.

Kids coming from the families of film stars and government representatives are mostly found participating in these events. Rich brats having the slightest hesitation of spending money on costly vehicles and having the slightest fear of being caught for violating rules are only detrimental to the society.

Few days back it was the son of a noted film actor, who lost his life while speeding his 1000cc bike on the ORR stretch and very recently it was the son of MP Azaruddin, who has been critically injured and still struggling for his life for simply trying to speed his 1000cc bike to the extent of 250 kmph on the same ORR.

Call it a show off stunt or a sheer ignorance of spending money in a right way, the so called rich society parents gifting these kind of sporting bikes to their kids during tender ages are only encouraging their kids to turn violent, unorganized, reckless and become senselessly experimental with their lives.

Further, ORR is becoming a favorite spot for these kind of events as it has got as many as 30 unregulated entries and exits which lack basic safety measures such as traffic signals, police men, patrolling, barricades, control rooms, radar guns, central lighting system, etc., which turns it in to the killing field for normal commuters and most importantly for bike racers. Only 62 km from Pedda Amberpet to Patancheru of the total 158 stretch has been opened to public. However, much often due to lack of CCTV’s and police force, youngsters tend to take advantage and indulge in illegal bike racing on these stretches.