Huge Population in India is a Barrier to Control TB: WHO

04 Sep 11: WHO has appreciated Indian government’s efforts for controlling TB and other health related diseases. Further, the officials of the WHO have also said that due to the huge population in India, it is still difficult to check the spread of diseases, especially Tuberculosis. This is making India a global burden in terms of number of TB cases. Due to its huge population, any improvement in the health sector in India can be regarded as the global improvement.

It is found that every year around two million new cases are being reported in the country. The National TB Program, set up by the government is undertaking these cases and trying to control the disease. Considering the overall condition in the country, though the progress in the health sector is good, a lot of heath reforms and schemes are still expected to come up to reach nuke and corner of every village. Still there are many poor people found suffering from various diseases due to the lack of sufficient health amenities.