One More Expressway Ramp Ready

One more intermediate ramp offering connectivity to those who want reach the PVNR Elevated Expressway in between will be ready by the close of June.

The 11.8 km long expressway connects the city with the international airport Shamshabad. It has already been equipped with three connection up-ramps at Lakshminagar and Aramgarh and a down-ramp at Upparpally. Out of six ramps, three ramps were commissioned last year. Work on the up-ramp at Upparpally is heading for final phase.

Due to various reasons, work on the three sets of exit and entry ramps planned for PVNR Expressway has been getting delayed.

Debatable issues
As of now, two more connections to the expressway are yet to be resolved. The acquisition of land associated with Defence Ministry has not been settled at Lakshminagar. Consequently not only the ramp work has been affected but also the service road to be done by the GHMC.

Further, relocation of a place of worship here has led to delays in commencement of work.
For the down-ramp at Aramgarh, the delay in shifting of pipelines by Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) affected the work.

Source: The Hindu