Intermediate Second Year Results

The Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh has declared the results of the Intermediate Second year on 24th April 2012. A total of a little less than 11 lakh students appeared for the examinations.

AP overall-regular
The total number of candidates appeared for the intermediate second year exam is 10,22,844 , of which only 4,84,854 that is a mere 47 percentage of candidates were declared passed. From that of overall total the number of students who appeared as regular is 7,56,459, out of which 4,41,966 were declared passed, that is only 58.43 percentage of candidates passed.

Comparison of percentages
Compared to the last year, the pass percentage of regular category has declined by 4.8. Last year it was 63.27, which now stands at 58.43.

Grades in AP
In AP the grades are in abnormal positions. In the past years, it was quite opposite compared to recent years including this year. Earlier, the percentage of students scoring A grade was as low as 30. Contrariwise, now in a scenario of quite the opposite, the corresponding number surged to a little less than 50 percent to 46.22. And the number for the B graders is a little greater than 30 percent i.e., 31.71. The B graders majored a little more in the past years compared to this year. The C grade students accounted for the percentage of 15.68, in which as we had observed, more candidates. Finally, the percentile for the D graders is a minuscule 6.40 compared to high numbers, who indeed had majority in the past years!

AP vocational
The total number of vocational general students appeared for the exam was 64,581, of which the number of candidates who passed was 34,664, which means only a little less than the 55% got passed (i.e., 53.64%).

Girls in the intermediate examination scored commanding 61.25 percent while boys scored a little less than girls and had 55.94 percent.

Government colleges in AP scored more than private colleges
The government colleges in AP showed their talent by improving the performance in Senior Intermediate exams. They scored much better than the private colleges; the pass percentage of government colleges is 62 percent. The total number of candidates who have appeared from the government colleges is 1,03,632 of which 63,791 candidates passed. The pass percentage of private colleges is only 57%.

The government colleges in Hyderabad not even touch the 50 percent mark. They performed dismally and the percentage was 49%.

Adilabad topped by scoring 78 percent and Warangal at the bottom by scoring 48 percent among the government colleges.

Likewsie, a total of 28,137 aided college students appeared for the examination, out of which a mere 47 percentage, that is 13,091 students cleared the exam.

Districts in AP
Considering performance district wise, Krishna district topped the list by scoring 74% among others and Nizamabad emerged very poor performer amongst all with a 43 percent score and stood at the last position.

Tough Physics exam
The physics-II paper was tough compared to previous years. The percentage of pass in physics is very less compared to other subjects. It is 87 percent for the both mathematics and chemistry; however, for physics-II it is only 68 percent.

Supplementary held
The Supplementary exams will be held from 23rd may and the BIE said it would not be extended at any cost.