Drive Against Unrecognised Schools

The school education department has announced that it will carry out a special drive against illegal schools in Hyderabad. The drive is launched in wake of the many unrecognized private schools giving admissions to number of students without getting prior necessary approval from the government.

There are many schools which are backed by corporate bodies which are setting up many unauthorised branches, after taking permission for one branch in a particular area.

Allegations against officials:
The government teachers unions have alleged that the latest drive by the department officials comes much late after the admission process in these unrecognised schools. Also, they have reported that, according to the unions group, there are 700 unrecognised schools in the city, whereas, the officials of the school education department have reported only 231 illegal schools. Moreover, the officials have not uploaded the details of these schools in the official website, so as to let the people be aware of the list.

Furthermore, it is alleged that though these unrecognised private schools have been sent the “closure notices” through post by the authorities, the schools managements have found to have escaped from them by bribing the postal staff, who have sent them back to the department, citing the reason of wrong address.

RTE Act Rules:
As per the rules of RTE Act, it is compulsory for schools to get necessary approval from government (at least within 3 years and this academic year, 2012-13 is the final year to seek recognition). And if the schools authorities do not get approval within three years, they are liable for the penalty of Rs. 1 lakh. And if they continue the same even after that, they have to pay Rs.10,000 per day towards penalty.

Source: Deccan Chronicle