Twin Bridge for Lakdi-Ka-Pool

With GHMC getting a positive court ruling in favour of acquiring a piece of land at Lakdikapool, decks have been cleared for the construction of an approach road as part of the proposed parallel road in the locality intended to ease traffic flow.

Started in July 2011, the work was scheduled to be completed in October 2011. However, the obstacle was land acquisition towards Masabtank side. Significantly, it is a joint measure taken by GHMC and South Central Railway (SCR). While the latter completed its part of getting road over bridge(ROB) built in April 2012, the former is yet to construct the approach roads on either side of the bridge as required. Hopefully, with the recent court ruling, the work is going to be completed within the next three months. The total cost of the work so far is estimated at nine crore rupees.

Source: DC