TOFFEE Stickers to Wipro Employees – Exemption from Regular Vehicle Checks

The Cyberabad traffic police in association with the MNCs in the Cyberabad area launched ‘Total Offence Free Entry (TOFFEE)’ certificate program. Presently, the TOFFEEs are issued only to the employees of Wipro.

According to this program, the employees having the TOFFEE stickers should display them on their vehicles so that they will be exempted from the routine vehicle checking by the traffic police in the Cyberabad area. However, the TOFFEE certificate will be issued only after reviewing the validity of all the necessary documents of the vehicle. Also, having a TOFFEE doesn’t always mean that the driver is exempted from emergency checks.

The Cyberabad police is planning to issue such certificates to all the employees working in MNCs in that area. For other citizens, it may take some more time, said the sources.

Source: DC