Demolished Tank Bund Statues to be Pulled out from Hussain Sagar

The Department of Culture is planning to pull out the parts of Tank Bund statues, which were demolished and thrown into Hussain Sagar during the Million March program in March 2010 by pro-Telangana activists.

More than two years have been completed since then, and the government had now send a letter to the Indian navy asking their assistance in implementing the project. According to the sources, Indian navy has responded to their proposal and replied saying that they will start the project within 10 days. The department is planning to collect the parts of the statues and submit it to the government. As they are made of bronze, the metal will be reused for making bronze tools for the government, said the sources.

The officials also mentioned that the shreds of vandalized statues will not be used to make 12 new statues as the contracts for the same has already been given to a sculptor in the year 2010. As of now 80% of the work has been completed and the rest will be finished in the next two months, said the sources.

Source: IBN