New Laws by US to Tighten Students Visas

In the wake of the Herguan University visa fraud case, the United States is bringing new laws to check the loopholes in the student visa system.

As per the new laws, for all the universities that enrol 25 or more students on non-immigrant visas it is mandatory to have national or regional accreditation.

US lawmakers passed a Bill – HR 3120, which was approved during the last week by the US House of Representatives that requires colleges and universities enrolling foreign students to be accredited.

Many students from Andhra Pradesh went to US on F1 visa to study at one university and then were transferred to Herguan University after completing the first semester. With the US authorities charging the university’s CEO with forging federal documents to allow foreign students to stay in the US, many students studying at the university got affected.

According to the officials, it was the wrong intention of Herguan University officials to attract more students by misleading them. It was also said that they were employed outside California in jobs not related to their academic area, which is a violation of the visa conditions.

Source: DC