Diabetes Related TB Cases in Hyderabad on the Rise

TB has been found to be the cause of greatest number of deaths of people with diabetes in the country. It has been commonly found in kids and adults. However, such incidence of TB is difficult diagnose. TB increases intolerance to glucose and the body losses control on glycemia. 40 percent of patients with diabetes have been found to have TB as well.

Experts opine, diabetes in turn, makes the risk of TB two to three times worse compared to normal people. Endocrinologists are unaware of the effects of TB on public health. They believe that patients with TB cannot have diabetes. It can neither be suspected nor recognized. For instance, loss of weight is found in both. Thus, when a person with diabetes losses weight, they do not relate it to TB and do so with hypertension, heart and kidney disease.

Hyderabad has been found to have the largest number of people with diabetes suffering from TB. 16% of people above 25 in Hyderabad have diabetes.

Source: TOI