Heritage Library at Chowmahalla Palace

A new attraction has made its way to the Chowmahalla Palace, it is the ‘Heritage Library’. The library has nearly 10,000 books with Asaf Jahi Nizams’ personal collection. The library is open to public and re-creates a beautiful look of the Nizam’s era, with portraits, paintings and refurbished furniture of the Nizam’s.

The books have been cataloged according to the Library of Congress, US. The massive collection of books is a century old belonging to the VII Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan, VI Nizam Mir Mahbub Ali Khan and Nizam Mukarram Jah. The books are on history, literature, law, medicine, geography, biographies, poetry, rare manuscripts in Arabic, Urdu, Persian and English and on Islamic culture. Book lovers or research scholars will have a good time in indulging themselves in these books.

Source: The Times of India