Hyderabad Witnesses Steep Rise in Malaria Cases

There is a rise in malaria cases in the twin cities. The rise is due to inadequate vector control measures by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). In the past few days the city recorded nine cases of malaria, which is a reason to worry.

The breeding of mosquitoes is because of no unusual rains this season. Though malaria parasite vanishes in winter, but the city is witnessing continuous mosquito borne diseases that are haunting the people of the city.

According to chief medical officer, GHMC, most cases are reported from Amberpet and Old City. There are also a number of malaria cases from the areas along the Musi belt.

The GHMC officials have stated that, public participation to control mosquito menace is necessary to get rid of vector borne diseases, but many people don’t bother to keep their surroundings clean, due to which there is a rise in malaria cases.

Source: Times of India