Government to Regulate Tuition Fee in Private Schools

Government of AP is reportedly going to hold stake in deciding amount to be collected from students as tuition fee. The norms come into for in 2013-14.

Authorities are framing a set of regulations for private schools, in line with those for private professional colleges before the start of the next academic year in June ’13. The government is said to have received complaints against schools from guardians because of unreasonable fee hikes.

Officials are said to be looking into the earlier official regulations in this regard. They are going to spot the pitfalls and get rid of them.

A government committee was formed in 2009 to look into the matter, and the committee gave recommendations and urged the government to implement them. The latter accordingly issued orders on the behalf. In the meanwhile, private schools got a stay-order by High Court, which the government got removed in 2010. However the new regulations are yet to come into force.

Source: DC