Birth and Death Certificates Issue at CSC’s

GHMC is planning to issue birth and death certificates via Citizen Service Centres (CSCs) registered in 18 municipal circle offices. Corporators and leaders requested commissioner of GHMC to look into issue of certificates at CSCs as Hyderabad citizens are finding it hard to get the certificates at Mee Seva Centres (MSCs).

At MSCs, people have to pay Rs 42/- for each certificate and have to go from one place another for obtaining them. Whereas at CSCs, people get every information as well as certificates easily at Rs 20/- only.

Digitally signed certificates are issued at MSCs, who have necessary hardware tools and other applications for the purpose. According to GHMC commissioner, to issue the same kind of certificates at CSCs, GHMC is going to request IT department to provide them necessary tools and applications.

The New Indian Express

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