Fish Medicine to be Given at Exhibition Grounds

Bathini brothers are going to administer fish medicine to people, known to cure asthma and other respiratory issues at the Exhibition Grounds, Nampally, on 8 and 9 June.
The Bathini family has been giving the medicine for the last 167 years.

Administering of fish medicine would begin exactly at the start of Mrigasira Karte at 1 pm on June 8 and continue till 1 pm on June 9. Mrigasira Karte indicates the onset of monsoon as per Hindu calendar.

The medicine is consumed thus: a small live murrel fish with medicine inside is placed in the mouth of the patient, and the fish is to be swallowed. The fish is small and slippery and therefore causes no problem. Non-vergetarians need to take the medicine in jaggery and need to consume for a longer period.

Source: New Indian Express