Possible Virulent Strain of Dengue to Hit Hyderabad: Health Experts

The toll of dengue and malaria in Greater Hyderabad has touched 60 and 162 respectively this year, according to health experts. They have also warned of possible virulent strain of dengue is causing serious health problems among patients.

It is learnt that several cases of dengue and malaria have been detected in the last 6 weeks. The GHMC officials however claim that fogging and anti-larval operations were undertaken to remove mosquito menace every year, but there is no respite for citizens.

The Aedes Aegypti mosquito causes dengue and it is active during the day, people should take adequate precautionary measures to stay safe.

The spread of the vector borne diseases in the city is due to choked drains, potholed roads and stagnant puddles that is breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Source – The Times of India