Major Developments in Hyderabad – October 2013

The people of Hyderabad, witnessed the onset of winter season in the month of October. The climate was much colder, and in the last week of October there were heavy rains that lasted continuously for 3 to 4 days, which made the climate even more pleasant.

In the month of October, festivals like Dussehra and Bakrid were celebrated in Hyderabad with equal delight and preparation for Diwali celebrations started in the last week of October.

The city also experienced some significant developments such as rise in onion prices, rise in dengue and malaria cases, Nehru Zoological Park celebrated its 50th anniversary, etc.

Here are some of the major developments in Hyderabad that took place in the month of October, 2013. Read on and stay informed.


  • Commuters in the city are choked with dust smokes that has left them huffing, puffing and struggling to travel. Many areas in Hyderabad are covered under a thick blanket of dust. Some commuters have also complained that, they can feel dust in their mouth.
  • The city roads are in a very bad condition with potholes everywhere after the heavy rains. Sadly, the GHMC is not taking up any measures to get the potholes repaired or filled. It is about time that GHMC addresses the issue seriously and saves commuters from falling prey to accidents.
  • The IT hub of Hyderabad, especially the Madhapur-Gachibowli stretch is proving unsafe for women. In the recent past, many women employees have been a victim of sexual assault. The government is taking no measures to install night vision CCTV cameras in these areas. Even the ORR has become an easy getaway for miscreants. At present there are only two vehicles to patrol the 120-km stretch of ORR.
  • With the endless rain during the last week of October there was a fall in the supply of vegetables to the city, which led to rise in vegetable prices. The prices of tomato and onions touched the sky. Though the prices have increased, the quality is not worth the price.
  • Due to the constant rains in the city in the last week of October, the Hussainsagar lake has reached near full tank. The GHMC has alerted people living around the lake to be prepared for possible evacuation.
  • The Nehru Zoological Park celebrated its 50th anniversary, the ‘Zootsav’, from October 6 to 14. The zoo authorities planned various programmes for zoo visitors. There were competitions for children, quiz for school and college student and more.
  • The department of posts has launched Mobile Money Transfer Service (MMTS) across the 1,350 post offices in Andhra Pradesh. The MMTS service is cheaper than Money Order (MO). The amount transferred through MMTS is ranged from Rs 1,000 to a maximum of Rs 10,000.

Real Estate

  • Steep property taxes levied by government on play grounds/open spaces are forcing school authorities to think whether they should have a playground or not.
  • About 1.90 lakh property owners have not paid their property tax for over five years. Together these property owners have to pay nearly Rs 461 crore. The GHMC tax wing officials have served red notices on defaulters.
  • The GHMC authorities are giving red notices on property tax defaulters. It is learnt that nearly two lakh notices have been served on tax defaulters since October first week. Though GHMC’s target collection is Rs 1,000 crore for this fiscal (2013-14), they could collect only Rs 382 crore till date.


  • Due to lack of students in colleges, nearly 40 engineering colleges that are located in and around the city have asked the state government’s permission to shut down the colleges. Many of these colleges have only five to six students, whereas some colleges have zero admission.
  • It is learnt that only 27% of government schools in city have toilets that are in a working condition. While some of the schools don’t have drinking water connection and it is also found that some toilets don’t have doors.


  • Diarrhoea has caused havoc in many children especially in the ages between 1-5 years. According to the data last year, Andhra Pradesh recorded 20.2 lakh diarrhoea cases. Health experts reported that most of the deaths were in children below 2 years of age. For preventing and reducing chances of getting such disease, vaccination should be taken.
  • From past few months, many cases of malaria have been reported. Stagnant water on roads, chocked drains etc., are breeding grounds for mosquitoes that spread the disease.

Roads and Transport

  • Problems of traffic in Malkajgiri and the surrounding areas will come to an end soon, as two road under bridges is expected to be constructed at east Anand Nagar and Vajpai Nagar. This project is expected to be completed within two years from the date of commencement.


  • Water Supply and Sewerage Board started a drive against water connections that are illegal. Moreover, they threatened to register case against owners of the property.
  • Even after the restrictions imposed, many people didn’t come forward for regularizing their illegal connections. Thus HMWS&SB decided to reduce penalty period. However, it is still to get approval from the Chief Minister.

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