Nutritional Level is Better in Vegetarians

Delhi-based South Asia Network for Chronic Diseases (SANCD) conducted a study in four factories of cities – Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The purpose of the study is to know the dietary habits of migrant and non-migrant labours in these cities.

SANCD findings presented at the two-day national conference held by Nutrition Society of India (NSI) are as follows:

  • The study shows that non-vegetarians take a better combination of nutrients than non-vegetarians.
  • Vegetarian food really provide good set of proteins.
  • Vegetables are sources of micro-nutrients, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.
  • Vegetarians consume lower quantities of salt and fat fats compared to non-vegetarians.
  • The study shows that vegetarian food are less rich in vitamin B12, Iron and Zinc. These foods are rich in vitamin C and folic acid.

Source – The Hindu