Now LED Monitors at MMTS Stations

The South Central Railway (SCR) has launched the LED passenger information display system in all the MMTS platforms. This system is based on two technologies GPS and GPRS to provide real-time information to the passenger on many issues along with information on operation and location of the MMTS trains.

Presently, in twin cities – SCR is operating 121 MMTS trains which is taking over 1.5 lakh passengers daily in these trains. Under this initiative, they have installed over 215 high-definition LED monitors on 69 platforms at all MMTS stations.

This system encrypts the information such as train number, route, current location etc. And transmits the data to a main server using GPRS technology. This external main sever decrypts the data and sends to local servers that are installed at stations. Thus, the local servers display information on the monitors about the current location of next three MMTS trains that are scheduled to arrive from either direction of that particular station in three languages – Telugu, Hindi and English.

Therefore, this is a piece of good news for all MMTS passengers who are irritated with the poor punctuality of MMTS as the new system reduces the anxiety of waiting at stations by providing the real time information about the train number, route, live status, expected arrivals, delays etc.

Source – New Indian Express