Don’t Drink and Drive in Hyderabad City, It’s a Big Headache

Planning for a weekend party with friends and drinks? Think again. It’s a big headache, because, once you get caught, the police will not listen and no recommendations will work to get you out of the situation.

Once you get caught in drunk and driving case, the police will book you in drunk and driving case by checking for your blood alcohol with a breathalyser. If it exceeds the limit (even if you take 1 beer it will show up that you have exceeded the permissible limit), you will get a ticket and your vehicle will be seized, you have to go home walking.

Next day, you have to go to police station, attend the counselling at Goshamahal and there they will show you videos of ill effects of drunk driving and some videos of real accidents in the city. You have to sit there, it will almost take your full day. You may have to take a leave from office. After the counselling you have to get the challan stamped.

Next Monday, you have to appear in the court and face trial where the Magistrate will impose fine up to Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,000 or imprisonment up to six months (based on the alcohol content). You have to stand in front of the Magistrate folding your hands and all your drunkard friends will assemble, everyone coming to court will see you as big criminal.

Going through all these hassles is definitely a pain, time consuming (you lose 2 to 3 days).

If you really see the amount that was spent on liquor (when caught), the double or triple will be spent on commuting to police station, then to court, back to police station, pay the fine and other expenses like giving chai paani to the home guards.

More than anything, there will be headache at home. They will question you about your vehicle and if they get to know that you were caught in drunk and driving case they will surely become even more strict and restrict you on things.

Another fatal result of drunk driving is, your name goes to police records as one who violated the law. This may land you in trouble later.

To avoid all these inconveniences, it is better you do not drink. If you drink, don’t drive; get back home either in an auto; the best option is to invite a friend who doesn’t drink and let him drive the vehicle.