P. Dayakar of TRS wins 2015 Warangal MP by-election

In Telangana State, there are overall 17 Lok Sabha constituencies and Warangal is one among them which is reserved for scheduled caste candidates. Many political parties have won the elections previously from this constituency including Indian National Congress, TDP and Telangana Praja Samithi, but in 2015 by-election TRS emerged victorious, where its candidate P. Dayaker recorded huge victory with highest margin of nearly 4.60 lakh votes.

Vote share of political parties in 2014 general elections
In 2014 general elections total voters in Warangal MP constituency are 14,95,583. The percentage of votes poled are 78.54% which makes 11,74,631 voters. In 2014, total 13 candidates contested for the elections.

Votes shared by major party candidates

  • Kadiyam Srihari (TRS) – 6,61,639 (56.33%)
  • Rajaiah Siricilla (INC) – 2,69,065 (22.91%)
  • Parameshwar Ramagalla (BJP) – 1,87,139 (15.93%)
  • Venkanna Kannam (CPI+CPM) – 2,258 (0.15%)

Why re-elections for Warangal MP seat?
Kadiam Srihari, TRS MP from Warangal constituency had to resign, because he was designated as Deputy Chief Minister in-charge of education, replacing Thatikonda Rajaiah who was representing Station Ghanpur assembly constituency.

Vote share of political parties in 2015 by-election
In 2015, total voters in Warangal MP constituency were 15,09,671 and the percentage of votes poled are 68.54% which makes 10,34,840 voters. In 2015 by-election, total 23 candidates contested for the election.

Votes shared by major party candidates

  • Pusunoori Dayakar (TRS) – 6,15,403 (59.46%)
  • Sarvey Sathyanarayana (INC) – 1,56,311 (15.10%)
  • Pagidipati Devaiah (BJP) – 1,35,697 (12.57%)

Why Congress had to change its candidate in 2015 by-election?
As a complaint was filed against S Rajaiah for having connection with suicide of his daughter-in-law, Sarika and three grand children, the Warangal seat was given to former union minister Sarvey Sathyanarayana. Rajaiah along with his wife and son were arrested by the police and sent to 14 days judicial custody. Earlier Sarika filed a petition in Nampally court, which directed Begumpet Women Police Station to register a case of dowry harassment on her husband Anil.