Business Updates

Business updates in this section help businesses, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), stay informed and be up-to-date on the latest developments in Hyderabad that impact their business.

SEBI Allows LLPs to Get Stock Exchange Membership

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has allowed Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), a hybrid between a partnership firm and organization, to get stock exchange membership in the country. LLPs offer benefits on limited liability to its partners such that one partner is not responsible for another partner’s negligence or misconduct. »

Andhra Bank Gears up with NextGen NavShakti Branches

Andhra Bank has completed of 90 years of services, and has launched 19 NavShakti branches whereas 90 branches are already opened across India. The main theme of these branches is to enhance convenience to customers. These branches are equipped with automated machines such as ATM and Self Service Pass Book Printers in the front... »

Poor Show by Andhra Companies – Not Even One Superbrand From Andhra Pradesh This Time Also

Superbrands, released a list of "consumer brands in India" in December and not even one company from Andhra Pradesh could make it to the list of 86 brands. While our neighbouring states’ brands and even Bangladesh’s brands are winning the hearts of Indians, what happened to Andhra companies? »

Himayatnagar – The Fast Growing Commercial Hub in Hyderabad City

In a very short period, Himayatnagar has become a popular commercial neighbourhood of Hyderabad city. Many new commercial established have come up in Himayatnagar. At one place, you can find various brands of restaurants, bakeries, sweet shops, ice cream parlours, cloth stores, mobile stores and the list is endless. »

East Hyderabad – The Next Hub for IT/ITES Growth

East Hyderabad – The Next Hub for IT/ITES Growth

A lot of development activity is happening in the East side of the city as it has great potential to be a good residential and business center. While even small companies opened in Hitech city gets lot of media attention, many big companies expanded or opened new offices but it is not in news.... »

Not Even One Andhra Pradesh Company Listed Among Top 10 Indian IT Companies

Hyderabad is one of the major hubs of Indian IT industry. It is known as the second Silicon Valley of India just after Bangalore. The city even has a region dedicated to IT industries – the ‘Hi-Tech City’ of Madhapur suburb. A rapid growth of technology in this area has led civic boosters to... »