Bill Gates A Full Time Philanthropist Wages a War On Polio

Mr. Gates has devised himself as a global-health ambassador after his retirement in 2008 from Microsoft. He is making use of his star power and $34 billion philanthropy (donation) to try to encourage businesses, health groups and governments to enhance health in developing countries. The shift on polio was notified by Mr. Gates’s trip when he visited Nigeria, a nation with a history of spreading the virus to other countries.

Bill Gates attended a meeting in an underground chamber of World Health Organization’s headquarters in Geneva where global infections are administered and was shocked to know that polio was spreading across Africa, even after his donation of $700 million to try to eradicate the disease.

Polio is a main feature of Mr. Gates’s charitable donation. The billionaire visited Africa, one of the main areas of disease, to discuss with doctors, encourage workers and met sultan to push the polio-eradication effort.

The polio fight is a main task for Mr. Gates’s foundation, which is also funding other vaccines which could face similar troubles. In the polio fight, his foundation financed a program which was reflected an outdated scenario. Polio’s rebirth forced a major modification in their program. They created a new plan which strengthens the overall health system in poor countries along with disease specific war such as polio eradication

If this new strategy is approved by member nations of the WHO, it will set pushing goals for getting near to eliminating polio by the end of 2012. If successful, the renovated campaign could create global health strategy for decades and promote fights against other diseases.

Nigeria hosts nearly half of the world’s 1,600 polio cases. Bill Gates said that, with the world so strict to eradicate polio, countries like Nigeria must make eradication a top priority and victory would favor millions of dollars to pay for extensive health improvements. The Gates Foundation had put $47 million exclusively for emergencies.

Mr. Gates continues to be a tech engineer at heart. In Nigeria, Mr. Gates achieved a diplomatic victory. He won assurances from the sultan, and from Nigeria’s governors, to take a more intense role in polio vaccinations.

The Gates Foundation will continue its polio grants without any shortfall. He established his foundation to provide life-saving vaccines, exhibiting his attachment toward identifying technological explanation to problems. As polio shows, technology can be restricted by political, religious and societal obstacles in the countries where he is donating his money. He is still learning how to handle those forces.

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