The National Skill Development Policy – Approach to Deliverables

The recent National Skill Development Policy by the Government of India states that skills and knowledge are driving forces of economic growth and social development. Harnessing appropriate skill and knowledge to the demographic dividend, which India is enjoying now, will provide an opportunity to effectively improve productivity within the country, employ a large number of youth in ‘decent work’ and also to reduce the skill shortage globally.

It is very difficult to evaluate outcomes and track placements if the deliverables are not precisely defined. The National Skill Development came up with appropriate skill development plans, strategies and deliverables. The approach to the deliverables is as follows:

Diversity of skills: There is a need to identify, catalog and project the range and depth of skills e.g. traditional, industrial-era and post-industrial era skills to understand and present the vast array of skills that individuals can choose from.

Talent pool: The ultimate measure is the “500 Million” skilled people. Skill inventory along with its various levels and grades will be created.

Employment outcomes Skill training must ensure a job for those who seek it. The placement ratio will be monitored and placed in the public domain by agencies involved in skill training.

Source: Ministry of Labour and Employment; Government of India

< The National Skill Development Policy – Preamble
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< Core Operating Principles of National Skill Development Policy

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