Improve your writing potentials using Grammarly

People feel more comfortable expressing their views in writing rather than communicating verbally. Especially those who are aspiring for high level jobs need to be good with writing skills otherwise they may lose out in the competition with others. We don’t need to be extremely skillful in writing in order to make the other person understand the content but the basic grammar, spelling and punctuation are very essential to make a meaningful sentence. No matter how intelligent or knowledgeable the individuals are, if they cannot express their ideas clearly and effectively then they will lose their professional image. Well, not only at workplace, having good ability to write is very important everywhere, whether you are at school, college or business.

Most common issues with writing

People have specific issues while writing and struggle hard in different aspects – some are bad with composition & style while others have difficulty in grammar or spelling. Remember, the first step towards writing is knowing your audience. Once you know who the real audience are, it becomes easy for you to decide what to write and how to write. For instance, you are assigned with a task of writing business letter to the prospective client at the workplace, you finish the work but do not feel confident enough to submit it as you are not sure about the grammar, spelling & punctuation. There is nothing to worry about as it is the most common thing that many of us face it at some point of time. We feel like having someone who can proofread our documents and correct the mistakes into proper English. Good news is that, today there are many online resources that can not only help us with grammar, spelling and punctuation but also assist in identifying the plagiarized content existing in the document.

How is Grammarly useful?

Grammarly is an error detection application in which it spots the complex writing errors and suggests the corrections that you can possibly do to make the documents error free. There are many error checking platforms online that can auto-correct the mistakes and will never let the user know what went wrong with the sentence or word. Grammarly is entirely different – it underlines the mistakes, identifies the solution and also provides a detailed statement explaining the reasons why the specific sentence or word is identified as an error. This aspect will definitely adds as an advantage because the users will unlikely repeat the mistakes again in their future writings.

In addition to that, Grammarly supports and scans all type of document formats, both formal and informal, including blogs, articles, business letters etc. The tool also checks for plagiarism and identifies if there is any duplicate content that has been copied from other online websites. It can be directly used as a browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox & Safari, or can be added as a plug-in to the Word or can also be downloaded as a mobile app for phones & tablets. People whose primary language is not English find it really worth using as it is very effective in finding typical mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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