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ORR Turning Into Killing Field for City’s Speed Loving Rich Brats

By HIOC Team

Unorganized bike racing is becoming common among the city’s rich youth. Areas such as Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, Gachibowli and now the latest ORR stretch, Bombay and Bangalore highways are becoming very unpopular for crazy events like bike racing. Kids coming from the families of film stars and government representatives are mostly found... »

The Rate of Accidents in the City Comes Down

By HIOC Team

25 May 2011: Recently, ‘Hindu’ newspaper has stated that, the number of deaths, accidents and road injuries in the city has decreased enormously this year, when compared to previous two years. In the present year, the deaths recorded due to road accidents were 147, which was 154 previous year, for the same period. This... »

Nightmarish Accident at Jubliee Hills

By HIOC Team

Banjara Hills and Jubliee Hills, the notorious places of Hyderabad, are becoming famous for many criminal activities. Recently just a few days ago because of drug scandal, brothers of famous actor were caught. Apart from these illegal activities, these places are becoming the hotspots for many accidents. Irresponsible, careless and rash driving is the... »

Other Cultures Respond Positively to Accidental Death While Doing Job/Pursuing Interests

By HIOC Team

Sometimes people die in freak accidents while pursuing their life passions. Most recent examples include the 40 year old whale trainer Dawn Brancheau killed by a whale during a show at a amusement park, former newsman McWethy aged 61 died in a skiing accident, a 34-year-old journalist Michelle Lang died in Afghanistan while doing... »

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