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AP Mass Producing 3rd Quality Engineers – Need to Revisit the Positive Stereotype of an Engineer

By HIOC Team

In the earlier articles, we have seen how engineering got degenerated like LLB and how lakhs of below average students are able to join engineering colleges. Sadly things are not going to change quickly. So, we need to revisit the positive stereotype of an engineer and realize that 90 percent of today’s engineers are... »

AP Mass Producing 3rd Quality Engineers – If You Can Pass Inter You Will Become An Engineer

By HIOC Team

Surprised by the title we mentioned here? Believe it not! Anybody who can pass Intermediate can become an engineer today. Thanks to the low qualifying standards and mushrooming of colleges with lakhs of engineering seats waiting for students to finish their Intermediate. These are some of the factors which are encouraging even below par... »

AP Mass Producing 3rd Quality Engineers – Degeneration of Engineering Courses

By HIOC Team

Happy that your kid got admitted in an engineering college? Happy with the mushrooming growth of engineering colleges? Do you think that our state is an emerging educational hub? Think again! No doubt, there is a tremendous growth in professional colleges offering technical education particularly engineering courses, but many of them lack quality. For... »

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