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Automobiles becoming major contributors for air pollution in Hyderabad City

By hiocuser1

Air pollution has become a major concern in many big cities and Hyderabad is no exception for that. Generally, industries, automobiles, burning of wood and crop lands are the major contributors of air pollution. In Hyderabad city, the impact of industries and burning of crop lands on air pollution is limited, as most of... »

Noise Levels Exceed Permissible Limits in Hyderabad

By correspondent

The noise levels in many areas of the city have exceeded the national standard levels prescribed for commercial, industrial, residential and sensitive zones. According to the current data recorded by the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APCB), the noise levels are much higher than permissible norms. The following areas have crossed the levels that... »

Hyderabad – Telangana’s Most Air Polluted City

By HIOC Team

The pollution in Hyderabad city is invariably on a high. According to the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB), this year Hyderabad is the most air polluted city of the state, when compared to other cities of the state. The APPCB had conducted an ambient air quality monitoring systems at 22 locations and based... »

State Pollution Control Board Goes Online

By HIOC Team

An official from Andhra Pradesh pollution control board (APPCB) on 29th July’12 announced that all the applications and environmental clearances for establishing and operating industrial units and other establishments should be applied online from that day. According to the sources, this initiative of making the application procedure online is aimed at maintaining transparency, sticking... »

145 Complaints on Water Pollution in One Week

By HIOC Team

Residents of the city complained to the Water Board on issues of water supply. There were as many as 145 complaints with the Board. Complaints were even from posh localities in the city. The common reason for complaints in summers is delayed and scarce water supply. As 1,000 km long old pipe line is... »

Even Deep Sediments of Hussainsagar Lake are Polluted

By HIOC Team

6 Sep 11: Researchers have found that even the deep sediments of Hussainsagar Lake are polluted. Though the surface water contains Calcium, Iron, Molybdenum, Magnesium and Silicon in high amounts than what is suggested by the BIS and Indian Council of Medical Research, the bed of the lake does not stand behind. Further, the... »

CDFD Campus to be Set Up at Survey of India Premises in Uppal

By HIOC Team

18 Jun 11: The Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) is a national institute that comes under Department of Biotechnology, under Ministry of Science and Technology. This institute is now being set up at Uppal in the Survey of India (SoI) campus. The SoI has exchanged 20 acres of its 200 acres area... »

Introduction of Euro IV Fuel Delayed in the City

By HIOC Team

24 May 2011: The implementation of Euro IV fuel deadline in the city is getting delayed. The deadline was actually set for October last year. The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) and even the petrol banks are not informed about the status of implementation of these fuels which are conforming to the standards... »

Ban on Plastic to be Implemented from July 1

By HIOC Team

3 may 2011: The Mayor of Hyderabad has announced that the ban on the usage of plastic in the city will come in to effect from July 1. A month long awareness campaign is being held in the city by GHMC by pasting posters, banners and also through audio-visual media to home. The ban... »

Drinking Water in City Unsafe

By HIOC Team

A city based NGO, Joint Action for Water (JAW), had tested 902 water samples from 30 basthis in Chadeghat, Rasoolpura, Saidabad, Sanathnagar, Bholakpur and Musheerabad between 2010 September and February 2011 and found that 663 samples were unsafe for human consumption. 52 samples were contaminated by bacteria and another 29 samples had high Flouride... »

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