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Observations on Hyderabad City Post Covid-19

By correspondent

Like all cities, Hyderabad city also that was affected by the Covid-19. When the Covid-19 virus pandemic first wave spread became clear most local businesses and regular people did not understand what was happening. »

Coronavirus Infection – Essential Prevention Habits

By correspondent

The Covid-19 pandemic is creating untold havoc across the globe and every country has been affected by this outbreak. In this context, we must be aware of the basic Coronavirus precautions and follow them without fail. It is important to look at them as habits that we need to build for a lifetime rather... »

Seasonal Flu In Hyderabad- Precautions To Take

By correspondent

The influenza viruses cause seasonal influenza, which is termed also as “the flu” and it leads to infection of the respiratory tract. The flu should not be confused with milder conditions such as the common cold. The former could cause serious ailments and in a few instances can even endanger life. These are a... »

City attacked by Viral Diseases

By HIOC Team

Because of the dip in the temperature, due to continuous rains drenching the cities, cases of viral fevers, pneumonia, asthma attacks have increased. Malaria has also increased a lot during the past few days. According to the officials of fever hospital, around 1000 people are visiting the hospital with different problems like fever, runny... »

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