Patients Receive Unfair Treatment as a Result of Cut and Dry Attitude of Doctors

When ever a patient goes to doctor, a persons gets only 18 seconds to explain his problems to the doctor. Before patient finishes discussion about his problems of aches and pains, doctors begins writing the prescription. Now-a-days, there is no satisfactory relationship between patient and doctor which are new lows in urban Indian cities.

A busy doctor spends not more than 5 minutes for every consultation and for a consultation of one patient the fee ranges from Rs 300 to 500. Sometimes, they begin prescribing the tests without asking the health history of the patients. Because of cut and dry attitude of doctors, patients are getting unfair treatment.

When a doctor takes up a case, then he has to give complete attention to that case, but it is not happening because there are minimum 100 cases that are taken up by doctors from morning till night. There are many branches of various hospitals and doctors go from one branch to another branch. Government hospitals are overburdened.

Treatment record of the patient is not being given by many hospitals during discharge, as they are afraid about revelation of their negligence. There is no time for doctors to practice latest developments in the field of medicine. Now-a-days, the doctors are getting medically updated by the help pharma companies who are organizing seminars and conferences. Now, doctors are depending on medical representatives to learn about new drugs in the market.

Starting from getting to a medical college, doctors are going for unethical practices in every segment of medical practice. The art and science of medicine is polluted by corrupt and immoral practices against the medical ethics.

Source:Times of India