Drinking Water in City Unsafe

A city based NGO, Joint Action for Water (JAW), had tested 902 water samples from 30 basthis in Chadeghat, Rasoolpura, Saidabad, Sanathnagar, Bholakpur and Musheerabad between 2010 September and February 2011 and found that 663 samples were unsafe for human consumption. 52 samples were contaminated by bacteria and another 29 samples had high Flouride content.

The HMWS&SB board has reacted to these reports and said that proper measures will be taken to supply safe drinking water. The NGO also initiated ‘Basthi Vikas Manch’ which is intended to resolve pending issues of the slum-dwellers. It also had announced that it will collect water samples every month from these basthis and will submit to water board for corrective action.

Source: Times of India