City Roads to Get Rid of Potholes with Introduction of White-topped Roads

20 Jun 11: In order to make the city roads clear of potholes in monsoons, GHMC has announced that white topping will be done on roads. On a pilot basis, this white topping will be done on a stretch of 1km between Lakdikapul and Mehdipatnam, with a budget of 1 crore. If it is found successful, then it will be extended to other stretches too.

GHMC has quoted that, white topping is cost effective and has a life span of 10-15 years. The layer of white topping is generally 7m wide and prevents logging, keeping the roads intact. The layer is prepared by a chemical mixture of fly ash, polymeric fiber, cement and sand, which strengthens the surface of the roads.

This technology is already in wide use in US, European and other Asian countries. Few private companies have come forward to do the white topping on the roads free of cost. GHMC has entered in to the contract with these companies. These companies have already laid white topped roads in cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

Source: Express Buzz