Google’s Street View Service in India is Temporarily Put Off

20 Jun 11: The Google’s Street View service which was started in India just recently from the city of Bangalore is facing objections from city police. In this regard Google has deployed street view cars which will drive all around the Bangalore to take pictures and map the city’s streets. Google too has confirmed that it has received notice and has stopped its service until the matters get settled.

The objections were being raised by the police, taking in to consideration the legality of Google’s Street View service in India. Police has said that the Google Street view and the data presented by it is considered as a new form of media in India, which comes under the Foreign Direct Investment policy which regulates the participation and investment of foreign companies in Indian media.

Not only in India, this service has faced resistance from several parts of the world, due to privacy concerns. Google has completely withdrawn street view service from Germany and is planning to do the same with member countries of European Union due to new laws related to storing of photographs. This service is temporarily banned in Austria and Czech Republic too.

Source: Times of India