Discount Offers in Most Popular Shopping Malls in the City are Fake

24 Aug 11: Recently, legal metrology officials have conducted sudden raids on various shopping malls and have found that many shopping malls were looting customers in the name of mega offers and discounts. The famous shopping malls located in the crucial centers of the city like Musheerabad, RTC ‘X” roads etc., are found to be selling various items at prices much higher than the normal MRP. Even on discounts, the customers are made to pay at least 40-50 percent extra than the normal MRP.

Even various goods of well-known brands are being sold at manipulated prices. Metrology officials have also found that many supermarkets are selling packaged commodities such as rice, wheat, etc. with less weight than what is mentioned on the package. The metrology officials have booked cases on these business establishments under Legal Metrology Act (Package Commodity Rules, 2011).

Further, the city jewelers are found to be selling 18 caret gold in the guise of 22 caret gold. And these violations are more in the case of diamond jewelry. The jewelry shop owners are actually needed to mention the purity of gold in the bill along with weight of the gold after deducting the stone weight. But, most of the jewelry shop owners are not following these rules.

The officials also have asked customers to weigh the packaged products and check the rate tags of the products before they are purchasing. In view of these violations, the metrology officials are conducting special drive on shopping malls, super markets, petrol pumps, steel and hardware, bullion and fair price shops.

People can also report any kind of such complaints on these shops by calling 040-27508367.

Source: Times of India