Virtual Salarjung Museum Now on Its Website

1 Sep 11: In order to make the museum enthusiasts from all around the world have a feel of Salarjung Museum, the museum officials have launched a virtual tour on its website. Now the museum website hosts a virtual museum in which all the statues present in the gallery can be seen in multi-dimensional view.

All the museum lovers can now have this virtual tour on The tour starts with the Rebecca gallery in the first phase and will be followed by the famous double statue of Mephistopheles in the second phase of virtual tour. All the 11 marble statues hosted by the Rebecca gallery including the veiled Rebecca which is sculpted by Italian sculptor, G.B. Benzoni in 1876 are on display.

As of now only popular galleries are on display on the website and in near future all the other galleries too will be on display.

Source: Deccan Chronicle