Native Kingdoms of AP and their Capital cities

Andhra Pradesh has a long history of native kingdoms. So many dynasties have ruled it in the past. Rule by such dynasties lead to the creation of several cities which were the capitals of the kingdoms. Below are the most famous native kingdoms and their capital cities. We have identified their current locations for your convenience.

Native Kingdoms of AP and their capital cities Dynasty Ruling Period Capital City Present name, location Distance from Hyderabad (in Kms)
1 Satavahana Empires 230-207 BC Amaravati Amaravati (Guntur) 307
2 Andhra Ikshvaku 200-300 AD Vijapuri Nagarjuna Konda (Nalgonda) 182
3 Salankayana 300-400 AD Vengi Peda Vengi (West Godavari) 350
4 Vishnukundina 500-600 CE Indhrapalanagar —————– —————–
5 Eastern Chalukyas 700-1130 CE Vengi, Rajamandri Peda Vengi (West Godavari),Rajahmundry 350, 390
6 Kakatiya Dynastty 1083-1323 CE Orugallu Warangal 136
7 Reddy Dynasity 1325-1448 CE Addanki, Kondavidu, Rajahmundri Addanki (Prakasham), Kondavidu (Guntur), Rajahmundry 337, 290, 390
8 Vijayanagar Dynasty 1336-1646 CE Vijayanagara Hampi (Karnataka) 464

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